Confessions of a Hoarder! Oh My!

Well, this is NOT easy. But, 4 years ago I began ordering Close to My Heart products from my sister.
It's her fault (got to blame someone, right?) that this obsession began! I lived in a rural area. A local scrapbook store was an hour away. I found myself buying paper at M****** and W*L***T. However, when I'd get home I didn't have enough paper ...or either other papers didn't match or coordinate, or I had the wrong embellishments, and I knew nothing about stamping! It was a disaster! The more I'd visit these places the more my frustration grew! What's a want-to-be papercrafter to do?

The answer (and this is where the hoarding began). My sister introduced me to Close to My Heart...coordinated papers, embellishments, and stamps and inks! Ahhh! How smart!
So, a love was born for ALL things CTMH. After a few months shopping with my sister, she said, "You should be come a Consultant." Who me? No way! I have a day job! No thanks!

Fast forward, that was four summers ago! This week is my four year anniversary with Close To My Heart! Whoop! A couple of weeks ago, I returned from my second Close to My Heart Convention! WOW! What an experience! It was incredible! Held at Disney World! You couldn't help but feel the amazing energy in the place where so many  talented CTMH Consultants had converged! And the CTMH leaders and staff ....well, they just make you feel like family. They provided us with a heart-warming experience, camaraderie, fun events, parties, awards, give aways, and creativity sessions.
I love being a Consultant with Close to My Heart! Why? Our products are always trendy, up-to-date, inspiring, and high quality! The company is rock solid! Our founder, Jeanette Lynton, provides consultants with the best products, information, training, creative events, and compassionate, fun, smart, savvy leaders!

But, I digress....this is a CONFESSION (remember)...I am a PAPER Hoarder! After 4 years, I MUST admit I have a bunch of paper! I love pretty paper...plain, floral, stripes, girly, boyish, holiday paper! Paper that is just sitting in its place in my craft room! Oh my! Plus, my Convention Bundles have arrived! Which means I have more beautiful paper!! So much paper....

They say the first step to recovery is to here goes...I AM A PAPER HOARDER!

So, now I have to implement the rest of the plan....stay tuned for step 2.


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